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Office Cleaning

Most employees, professionals and business owners spend many hours a day in their office in Gardner, Kansas, so it is important to ensure that it is clean and well maintained. In addition to the employees, customers, vendors and other business associates are visiting the office. The employees and visitors are often traveling long distances to reach the office, and are likely to carry dirt, virus, bacteria and other harmful microbes with them. Hence it is advisable to hire the services of a competent office cleaning service provider like Gardner House Cleaning to clean the office thoroughly so there is no dust, dirt or unpleasant smells. Additionally, a clean office will create a positive impression on the visitors especially customers and improve the morale of the employees, who are often distracted by foul odors and other irritants.


Our Office Cleaning Service is available for offices of all sizes, ranging from small one room offices to large offices which occupy several buildings. Depending on the number of visitors to the office and budget of the business owner, the frequency of cleaning can be varied. Large companies with many employees and visitors, have their office cleaned daily, while a small office of a professional like a lawyer or accounting firm may have very few visitors, so weekly cleaning is adequate. The time taken for the cleaning work will also vary depending on the size, location and design of the office.

Office Cleaning Service Gardner House Cleaning
Gardner House Cleaning

Scope of Cleaning Work

The scope of the cleaning services can be finalized with the client based on their specific requirement and can be customized to a large extent at the time for finalizing the contract. For example, while the customer may want the floor swept or vacuum cleaned to remove any debris from the floor, and the dustbins emptied daily, the floor is swabbed or wiped clean only once or twice a week. If there are carpets or rugs in the office, they will also be cleaned properly by the service provider. Similarly, the furniture, computers, office equipment is dusted regularly and cleaned to remove the dirt. After cleaning, the surfaces may be sanitized using a disinfectant to kill viruses and other harmful microbes.

In addition to the main office area, where the employees are seated, the office will usually have other areas which also require regular cleaning. Most larger offices have a reception area, where visitors have to wait till the employees meets them. The office will also have one or more meeting rooms, where office meetings and meetings with customers, business partners are held. Bigger companies have a lounge area, canteen where the employees and in some cases, visitors have their meals. The number of bathrooms or washrooms depends on the employee count, and these are also cleaned thoroughly several times a day since they become dirty quickly.


Compared to homes, offices in Gardner have more people spending many hours together, and it is important to schedule the cleaning properly to reduce the disturbance to the employees. While cleaning the floor, furniture and office equipment the employee may not be able to work for some time, hence we can arrange to clean the office before the start of office hours or after the employees have left the office in the evening. More time-consuming cleaning tasks like cleaning the doors, windows, office equipment will be scheduled on weekends or holidays so that the work of the employees is not affected.

Cleaning Supplies

We have many years’ experience in offering our office cleaning service and use the best cleaning supplies and equipment to remove all the dust, dirt and grime. The cleaning chemicals used can remove dirt and stains which are deeply embedded in the carpets, furniture to make them look like new. We are aware that the office equipment like printers, copiers and computers includes electronics and are very expensive, so we use suitable cleaning solutions to remove the grime, dirt, without damaging the equipment. We have invested in the latest vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment to remove the dirt from places which are not easily accessed.


Our staff is well trained in office cleaning, using the best cleaning techniques and equipment, to remove the dirt, grime without disturbing the office. To ensure that our staff is honest and can be trusted, we carry out a background check of each employee before we hire them.