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House Cleaning

Families in Gardner, Kansas often prefer to purchase their house, since it is more spacious and family members will have more privacy. The house owner will also have complete control over the property, making it easier to make additions or changes. However, cleaning a large house properly is a very time-consuming activity, taking a few hours daily. So, if the family members have a job or running a business and do not have much free time it is difficult to keep the house clean. Since harmful insects, pests, viruses, bacteria, disease causing microbes can flourish in a dirty house, it is advisable to hire the house cleaning service of Gardner House Cleaning, one of the top-rated providers of cleaning services in Gardner and surrounding areas of Kansas.

Types Of Cleaning

Most families in Gardner are owning the house they live in, so the frequency of the House Cleaning Service will depend on the profile of the family living in the house. If there are small children in the house, who are messy, it may be necessary to clean the house once a week. If there are only few people living in the house, a thorough cleaning may be required only once a month or less often. Usually, home owners hire our services for a one-time cleaning after they have purchased their home, completed a home renovation or are listing the property for sale or renting it. They may also require a one-time cleaning before and after holding a major event, like a party.

House Cleaning Service Gardner House Cleaning
Gardner House Cleaning

Scope Of Cleaning

The scope of the house cleaning will depend on the design and other features of the house. Usually, most houses have a patio and a garage for parking their vehicles, so this is also included in the cleaning work for the house. Additionally, the house may have a swimming pool, garden, decking, drainage system. In some cases, the roof, gutters and fencing also has to be cleaned at least once a year. So before finalizing the cleaning contract, it is advisable to specify which areas have to be cleaned and how often, so that there are no disputes at a later date regarding the cleaning service provided.

The cleaning service will include removing dust from the furniture, furnishings and appliances, cobwebs from the ceilings and other places in the house. The floor will also be cleaned to remove the loose dirt and debris. The floor is also mopped to remove the dirt which is embedded. If carpets and rugs are used for covering the flooring, suitable cleaning techniques and chemicals will be used, so that they can be cleaned without damaging the carpets. We clean all kinds of flooring including ceramic, porcelain tiles, wooden flooring, vinyl flooring, using appropriate cleaning solutions for the flooring in the house. The stairs of the house are also cleaned. The furniture will be dusted or wiped clean depending on the type of cleaning required.

Most dirt is accumulating in the bathrooms and kitchens since water is used extensively. The cleaning of the bathrooms, including cleaning of faucets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilet, to remove all the dirt, grime and stains. In the kitchen, the countertop, stove top, microwave oven and kitchen sink will be cleaned thoroughly. The handles of the kitchen appliances, drawers, shelves are also wiped clean. Other components which are handled often like the switches, furniture, door and window handles, appliance handles, will be cleaned to remove dirt which is accumulated. The dirt which is deposited on ceiling fans, light fixtures and other difficult to reach places, is also removed during cleaning. The mirrors and other metallic fixtures will be polished as part of the cleaning.

Staff and Cleaning Supplies

Our professional well trained and experienced staff have many years’ experience in cleaning houses of all sizes thoroughly and quickly. We conduct a comprehensive background check for each employee before we hire, so our clients can be assured that they are reliable, and will handle all the household goods carefully. We use the best cleaning solutions and equipment available, so that all the dirt is removed. Though it is not necessary, most families prefer to supervise our staff so they would like to find out the time required for cleaning. In addition to the size of the house, the time taken to clean it depends on other factors, especially the number of staff deployed.