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Apartment Cleaning

Everyone likes to live in a clean and dust free home. However, many professionals are extremely busy, working very long hours daily for their job or business, they have no time for other activities. Though cleaning an apartment properly is not very difficult, it can take a lot of time and effort. So, individuals or families in Gardner, Kansas who do not have the time and energy to clean their apartment thoroughly should consider hiring a reputed Apartment Cleaning Service like Gardner House Cleaning. Our well trained and experienced staff has cleaned a large number of apartments in and around Gardner, Kansas.


Most people have an extremely hectic daily schedule working, shopping, cooking, and doing their daily chores, they do not have the time to clean their apartment properly to remove the dirt, dust and grime which gets accumulated over a period of time. They are also often extremely tired at the end of the day to do the cleaning work. In this case it is advisable to hire our Apartment Cleaning Service, since we can help save the apartment owner time and energy. Depending on the profile of the family and other factors, the frequency of the cleaning can be varied. While some families are using the cleaning service weekly, others may use the service less frequently, once a month or every quarter. Tenants who rent a property are expected to keep the property clean and well maintained else the landlord may deduct some money from the deposit. So many tenants are hiring our service for cleaning the apartment after they vacate it, so they can get the entire deposit amount back.

Apartment Cleaning Service Gardner House Cleaning
Gardner House Cleaning

Scope Of Cleaning Service

While we clean the entire house, we focus on the rooms where family members will spend more time, and rooms which are more likely to get dirty because water is used like the kitchen and bathroom. In the kitchen the countertop and kitchen sink are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. The toilet, bathtub, shower, sink in the bathroom are also thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. The flooring in the house is also likely to become dirty, since people enter the house from outside bring dirt and mud with them. We clean all kinds of flooring like tiles, vinyl and wooden flooring. Vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning the carpets and rugs.

Dust gets accumulated on the furniture, home decor and other places in the house. Our experienced staff will remove the dust from all areas, including ceiling fans and other difficult to reach places. Any part which is used frequently by family members and others, like door handles, light switches, window handles and appliance doors, handles will become dirty over a period of time. The furniture especially sofas, chairs and tables will also be cleaned to remove grime. Depending on the material of the various parts which are being cleaned, the right cleaning solution will be used to remove the grime, disinfect the parts to clean them thoroughly. The dust bins will be emptied and cleaned.

Cleaning Supplies

One of the main reasons why a large number of families in Gardner prefer to hire our services for apartment cleaning is because we have the latest cleaning supplies and equipment which will clean the apartment better, removing the deeply embedded dirt and grime. The cleaning solutions we use are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so they will not leave any toxic residues. Since we are focusing on providing the best cleaning services, we have invested in the latest cleaning equipment especially vacuum cleaners, which will reduce the time for cleaning the apartment thoroughly to a great extent compared to cleaning manually.

Staff and Cleaning Time

A majority of our customers in Kansas are repeat customers since we offer high quality cleaning services at reasonable rates. Our staff is well trained, experienced, honest and have cleaned a large number of homes and other properties in Kansas. We conduct a background check on all our staff, so that our customers do not have to worry about damage or pilferage. The time taken for the cleaning will depend to a large extent on the number of staff deployed for the cleaning work. Though the hourly rate will be higher if more staff are deployed, the cleaning will be completed faster. Customers should be aware that the time for one time cleaning will be more compared to regular cleaning of the house.